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Toe Shoes are #1 on my list: Gawker’s 22 Terrible Things That Must End in 2013


What did you hate in 2012? Whom did you hate? Let it all out.


Six Supervisors in San Francisco Who Hate The Naked Human Body: Nudity Ban Approved

Auguste Rodin; Middelheimmuseum

Anti-human body supervisors in San Francisco: Scott Wiener, David Chiu, Carmen Chu, Mark Farrell, Sean Elsbernd, and Malia Cohen

Pro-human body Supes: Jane Kim, John Avalos, Christina Olague, David Campos, and Eric Mar

Dear Mayor Lee, don’t sign this legislation. I promise that you won’t personally have to get naked. In fact, I forbid it. But please remember while you’re contemplating the sterilized, homogenized San Francisco of your dreams: there are some things an app can’t do for you:

Put flowers in your hair.
Let you feel the sunshine on your butt.
Create a culture of inclusion and tolerance.
Stand in line for amazing bread.
Ride a cable car.
Chat with the homeless dude outside your neighborhood doughnut shop.
Build the Golden Gate Bridge.
Revel in the fog that delights, irritates, protects, and charms us.

All these things (and many, many more) are San Francisco. I encourage and dare you not to diminish them or this place.

Happy National Vodka Day 2012!

I encourage you all to drink up. And to buy me this pretty bottle.

The Charts That Scare Me : Florida Voter Registration 2004-2012

Did you all see this last night? Can anyone explain this without referring to alien abduction of Democrats?

San Francisco needs mobile parklets

“I speak for the tree trolleys!” — Lorax X.

Imagine it, SF: mobile parklets with trees! And wifi!! If it also baked artisanal macarons and had wine on tap, I’d move in.

So, read the article at the link and start building.

Random note to self from 372 days ago


What was I thinking? Or is this real?

Riding an elevator–with a child

toddx: (feeling the need to engage the mother who is trying to keep her monster from pressing all the elevator buttons) How old is…he? Two?

Mother: No, he’s 15 months.

toddx: So young!
(steps off elevator)

toddx: (internal monologue) Don’t talk to those people again until they start measuring age in years like normal people. And, next time, wait for the Adults Only elevator. Where’s my cocktail? (grumble) Kids! (grumble)